Deploy & Manage Volunteers for
Nursing Homes

Screening volunteers, deploying them and
managing their records is easier now.

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Volunteer Screening

Nursing homes can customize registration forms, interview forms, and volunteer approval processes. The interview forms are then tagged to the approved volunteer profile, allowing easy referencing by admins.

Opportunity Deployment

Nursing homes can generate and deploy volunteering opportunities, tag residents to their respective volunteer opportunities and assign them volunteering activities using Givlly’s website and mobile app. They can also create additional Care Coordinator accounts, allowing care coordinators to create volunteering opportunities for their assigned wards.

Attendance and Reporting

Nursing homes can upload residents’ attendance (from Ingot System) onto Givlly VMS. Both Admins and Care Coordinators can mark volunteers’ attendance utilizing the Admin App, which is automatically synced with the system. You’ll also get access to our reports, offering an overview of volunteering deployment, recruitment, volunteer pool, and hours put in by the volunteers