Volunteer Recruitment Made Easy

Digitalize and speed up your recruitment
process with automation.

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Tailor Your Volunteering Campaign

Givlly’s robust backend lets your team to completely tailor the publication, including campaign content, social media sharing data, and even making it a featured post.

Tailor made your Volunteering Campaign

Social Sharing

Easily promote your volunteering opportunities with signups on Givlly that can also be integrated onto your website, shared on social media, emailed to volunteers, and included in newsletters.

Social Media Sharing

Digitize Volunteer Recruitment Process

Reduce paperwork, Givlly has built simple, custom, and mobile-friendly online forms for volunteers so that you can collect all the information you need about them efficiently.

Digitalizing Volunteer Recruitment

Streamline Volunteer Review Process

The volunteer data gathered from the recruitment process is categorized in an orderly manner for ease of use. Givlly 360 allows your team to review the applications you’ve received and conduct volunteer interviews if required.

Streamlining Volunteer Reviews