Introducing Givlly 360, Where Empowerment Meets Impact

Today marks a profoundly exciting moment as I, Andy, Founder of Givlly, thrilled to present Givlly 360 – a profound leap that will redefine how we engage with the world of donor and volunteer management.

Givlly’s journey of evolution is a testament to the tireless dedication of our team, coupled with the invaluable input from our cherished customers and partners. Your feedback has been the driving force behind our growth, and I can’t emphasize enough how instrumental it has been in shaping Givlly’s trajectory. Your passion and insights have propelled us to where we stand today – and for that, I extend my heartfelt gratitude. I hope you’re as excited as I am to dive into the updates Givlly 360 has to offer!

Upholding Data Security as a Priority:

  • Givlly 360 introduces a heightened level of security, ensuring that the data entrusted to us remains in the safest hands.

 All-New Giver Module: Seamlessness Redefined

  • Embrace unparalleled convenience as we seamlessly merge Donor and Volunteer profiles into a unified, intuitive space.

Redesigned User Dashboard: Insights at Your Fingertips

  • Navigate our revamped User Dashboard to gain deeper insights into Volunteer and Donor activities, fueling informed decisions.

 Task Functions Across Modules: Effortless Management

  • Effortlessly create tasks and set reminders across all modules, empowering organization-wide management.

 Partner Module Advancements: Next-Level Collaboration

  • Admins can now effortlessly create four distinct partner types for seamless management, while also assigning partner statuses to foster smoother collaboration.

 Donation Campaign Customization: Your Vision, Your Way

  • Configure personalized donation campaigns in alignment with your unique mission.
  • Embrace both monetary and in-kind donations to broaden your support horizons.
  • Efficiently manage donors, seamlessly tracking their contributions.
  • Automate gratitude through personalized “Thank You” messages to your invaluable donors.
  • Generate and print exquisite “Letters of Appreciation” for your cherished contributors.

Givlly 360 is a significant achievement for our team and a testimony to our collective commitment and vision. On behalf of the entire Givlly team, I would like to express our gratitude for your continued support and valuable feedback on how we can improve.

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