Build Lasting Relationships With
Effective Communication

Send your volunteer personalized birthday
wishes and more throughout the year.

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Volunteer Engagements

We know how important it is to know your volunteers and create a healthy relationship with them. Givlly 360 has made connecting with them easier with emails, mobile notifications, and even SMSes.

Volunteer Engagements

Sending Thank You Messages

Volunteers are the heart of your organization. Tell them how much they mean to you with customized thank-you messages. Just preset the sending schedule and leave the rest to the Givlly 360.

Sending Thank You Emails to Volunteers

Automate Birthday Greetings

Send greetings to your volunteers on their special day with personalized birthday messages. Customize your greetings and let the Givlly 360 do the rest for you.

Sending Happy Birthday Emails to Volunteers