Attendance Made Simple With

Volunteers can self-check-in from the app via QR code or GPS location

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Self-Check-Ins by Volunteers

With Givlly’s Volunteer App, volunteers can take their own attendance. It will help make the sign-in process fast and accurate, saving time for your administrative staff.

Self Attendance Taking by Volunteers

Mass Attendance Taking by Coordinators

Givlly 360 makes it simple for volunteer coordinators or managers to manage large crowds. The app allows them to perform on-site attendance check-ins and track actual turnout efficiently and effectively.

Mass Attendance Taking by Admins

Real-time Monitoring

Attendance records will be synchronized with Givlly 360, and attendance hours will be tagged to the volunteer’s profile. Attendance-related reports are then generated in real-time to help you monitor volunteers in real-time.

Real-Time Attendance Tracking