Our Solutions

For Single / Multi-centre SSAs

Maximize volunteer engagement with Givlly 360. Streamline and automate recruitment, and attendance tracking for SSAs of any size. Empower your team to focus on what matters most - making a difference in your community.

For Hospice / Nursing Homes

Experience increased efficiency and streamlined operations with Givlly 360's Nursing Home Solution. Givlly 360 not only help you recruit volunteers but also automate the interview process for a seamless volunteer management experience.

For SG Care Volunteer Centres

Unlock the full potential of your volunteer program with Givlly 360's VC Solution. Streamline operations and empower partners with independent management, while you focus on recruitment and retention for even greater impact for the community.

Donor Management Modules

Manage donor relationships with ease. Profiles, donation history, and preferences can be tracked for personalized communication and successful retention. Integrate and launch your own donation campaign with payment gateway integration quickly.

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