Unlock the Power of Giving with Givlly 360: Simplify Donor and Volunteer Management

Simplify donor and volunteer management with Givlly 360. Our user-friendly platform frees up your time, empowering you to focus on serving your community and making a bigger impact together.

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Easily promote your volunteering opportunities and fundraising campaigns with Givlly 360. Create a customized page with event signups and donation buttons that can be integrated onto your website, shared on social media, emailed to volunteers, and included in newsletters.


Efficiently manage volunteer opportunities and venues with Givlly 360. Set recruitment quotas, assign roles and venues, and auto-create schedules on preferred frequencies (daily, weekly, or monthly). Admins can match volunteers based on availability, skills, interests, and location.

Campaign and Opportunity

Effortlessly manage your fundraising campaigns and volunteering opportunities with Givlly 360. From signup to retention, our streamlined platform provides a secure and simple experience that can be set up in minutes, allowing you to grow and retain donors and volunteers.


Enhance volunteer engagement with Givlly 360's VMS. Easily connect with volunteers through emails, mobile notifications, and SMS. Express gratitude with customized thank-you messages and automated sending schedules. Personalize birthday greetings and let Givlly 360's VMS handle the rest.

Reports & Insights

Maximize volunteer potential with Givlly 360's VMS. Analyze recruitment and fundraising touchpoints, track volunteering hours, and gather feedback to enhance the volunteer experience. Develop targeted training programs to augment volunteer capabilities and adjust efforts to boost engagement.


Givlly goes beyond just integrating with IRAS’ Donation API Service for tax filing purposes. It can seamlessly integrate with many other online solutions such as accounting software, email marketing, Learning Management Solutions, CRMs, etc., saving you time, reducing manual processes, and error.

Our Solutions

For Single / Multi-centre SSAs

Maximize volunteer engagement with Givlly 360. Streamline and automate recruitment, and attendance tracking for SSAs of any size. Empower your team to focus on what matters most - making a difference in your community.

For Hospice / Nursing Homes

Experience increased efficiency and streamlined operations with Givlly 360's Nursing Home Solution. Givlly 360 not only help you recruit volunteers but also automate the interview process for a seamless volunteer management experience.

For SG Care Volunteer Centres

Unlock the full potential of your volunteer program with Givlly 360's VC Solution. Streamline operations and empower partners with independent management, while you focus on recruitment and retention for even greater impact for the community.

Donor Management Modules

Manage donor relationships with ease. Profiles, donation history, and preferences can be tracked for personalized communication and successful retention. Integrate and launch your own donation campaign with payment gateway integration quickly.

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Client Testimonials

The Salvation Army Singapore
We’re glad that Givlly is always prompt in answering our queries and efficient in rectifying issues when they arise. The support they gave us way exceeded our expectations. Also, they are always open to suggestions and constantly improving Givlly which is important to users like us.

All Saints Home
Adopting a VMS system is new to us and our staff who aren’t naturally tech-savvy, would prefer the manual process they are more familiar. Surprising the entire journey has been very smooth. We strongly recommend Givlly VMS to any organisation who wishes to improve their volunteering management process.
We have spoken to vendors both overseas and local and have found Givlly to be the best. The platform is easy-to-use, the people are sincere in wanting to help and have deep knowledge of Singapore's social sector. I will highly recommend Givlly to anyone considering a volunteer management solution!

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